Crud Glycerine (68% to 83%)

By product during production of bio diesel, brown liquid, characteristic ordor. 40 to 80% glycerol qualities are available on request.

BioDiesel Distillate

Product made from biodiesel distillation, this product is most appropriate for power plants.

Bio Energy Oil Ref DEN 069

Bio liquid oil obtained from fatty acid methyl esters also known as bio diesel. Raw material used in production of FAME are 90% pure vegetable oil and 10% UCO.

Bio Heating Oil (BHO) for Burning

Also known as bio heating oil, product obtained from fatty acid methyl esters distillation known as bio diesel. Major components : Methyl esters, fatty acid, unsoponifiables, monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides and polymers.

Mixed Acids & Glycerides

Fatty acids from esterification and other processing techniques, made from natural oils and fats derived from renewable raw materials such coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower seeds, rapeseed and tallow, product to be used in power plants and chemical industry.

PFAD Distillates Ref WL03

PFAD stands for Palm Fatty Acids. Fatty acid obtained from refining of palm oil for human consumption, to be used as feedstuff of pure vegetable origin. Results are upon request, including survey report of sampling.

Mixed Veg Acid Oil Ref MT1

Mixed Veg Acid Oil Ref MT1 contains these properties better calorific value, better burning capacity, high flash point, easy handling due to low pour point, etc. It's composition is Vegetable acid oil with traces of methanol( NO ADR )

Recycled Fuel Oil Ref FNO

Composition of product : 90% mineral oil mixed with 10% vegetable oil to make it more ecological, product can be mixed with some organic solvents, does not have smell characteristics. Usable in boilers, power plants and incineration plants.


Product made from reclycled vegetable oil,also known as used cooking oil, most part of the raw material are from palm oil origin. Imported into EU, this product does not have ISCC cert. For bio diesel production and bio-gas application.