Cost Control

Cost Control

Due to the commodity market’s diversity and volatility, transactions must be daily monitored.We work hard daily to reduce our customers cost on: Telephone, Fax, publications, Internet access, trade shows, seminars, conferences and travel.

Citigate, save you time which you can devote to other activities without having to worry about losing control over your purchasing/supply.

We help our buyers/producers to arrange and organize their request which are received daily, analyse them and decide whether it’s worth going further and advise both parties accordingly.We take care and respect rules, laws, procedures and contracts. Citigate always check track record of producers, or buyers before accepting to become their official mandate.

Note: Every day, you make decisions that impact the profitability of your business, whether these decisions are about managing risk, finding customers or managing your supply base, there is one constant that runs through all of them. Information update !

Citigate makes sure our clients are regularly updated to daily transaction procedures and strategic market development update.