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About Citigate,S.L.
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Citigate,S.L. is one of the leading trading companies into feedstock and renewable energy sector in Spain, located in Madrid. A team of experts with consolidated experience in bio energy industry since 2004. ISCC certified and a member of FOSFA. We are working round the clock in providing market information update in solving our customer’s needs.

Our guiding principle has been the protection of environment for better habitat to human while valuing our customers, suppliers and our staffs.

The constant rise in oil price, the international agreements signed in compliance with the Kyoto protocol and the recent regulations of the EU member states for the adoption of the European community directives on hydrocarbons have contributed to our driving force and motivations in the energy sector.

To create a sustainable global environment, each of us has the power through our daily decisions and life style to make our environment more Eco friendly, Citigate,S.L. tries in her own little way to make its little contribution for a sustainable environment and better tomorrow.

Featured Products

Olive Trigycerides

Olive Trigycerides

Fatty acids (or as their salts) do not often occur as such in biological systems. Instead fatty acids like oleic acid occur as their esters, commonly the triglycerides, which are the greasy materials in many natural oils.

Recycled Fuel Oi

Recycled Fuel Oil

RFO provides an extremely economical alternative to virgin fuel oil. Unlike Gen3™, RFO is classified as a waste which means that it is subject to the Waste Incineration Directive.

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Member Of FOSFA

The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA) is a professional international contract issuing and arbitrary body with 975 members in 79 countries.

Certified BY ISCC

ISCC is an advanced and the first recognized scheme – the concept has been thoroughly developed, it has been tested in a pilot phase and proofed by the BLE.